IT Optimization & Virtualization

Small and mid-sized organizations are facing an increased need to reduce overall cost of ownership on IT systems to remain more competitive. MetroTech offers several approaches to meet these challenges by providing solutions based on reducing overall hardware cost, maintenance, physical space or labor costs. By lowering the cost of these inputs and simplifying the management tasks required to maintain your IT environment, many organizations can upgrade their aging infrastructure to increase capacity while reducing overall costs.

Today many data centers hold underutilized, isolated infrastructure silos that were rapidly deployed to meet economic growth demands of the last decade. With more than 70 percent of IT budgets dedicated to sustaining these environments that no longer properly cool today's high-density hardware, little is left to proactively tackle strategic business initiatives.

MetroTech's Data Center Optimization Solutions help IT organizations improve operational efficiency and optimize utilization of data center resources to increase efficiencies and free-up budget for more strategic initiatives. According to a recently published report from Gartner, in the 12 June 2009 issue of Information Week, properly implemented hardware virtualization shows dollar savings of 5% to 10% of the overall hardware costs.

IT optimization and virtualization is the best way to ensure a return on investment and:

  • Shrink the infrastructure footprint in the data center
  • Reduce power and cooling requirements
  • Simplify administration of infrastructure assets