Media & Entertainment

Digital technology and the internet is revolutionizing the media and entertainment industry, as customers turn to the web for watching television, reading the news, listening to music and watching movies. The availability of connected content has empowered consumers to expect instant access to desired content, including advertising. It is changing how traditional media is paid for and consumed. Meeting demand for connected content is the key to growth – and even profitability – for every M&E segment.

To satisfy this new breed of consumer, Media and Entertainment (M&E) providers must move "beyond digital" to deliver individualized experiences on demand, at any time. Simply digitizing content and digitally distributing it is no longer enough. Success will require: insight into consumers’ digital personalities; the delivery of relevant, enhanced experiences; and the ability to find new digital revenue models.

MetroTech brings business insight and powerful technologies to the media and entertainment. Serving all segments including film, music, publishing, advertising, broadcast, and media networks, MetroTech can help media companies transform the customer experience. MetroTech helps media and entertainment companies build smarter solutions that address a rapidly changing market through capabilities that help build an agile digital supply chain to quickly bring new products to market, meet the increasing demands of the digitally-savvy customer, and pursue cost savings and new revenue opportunities.